When I was 8 years old, my late dad got me one of those solar powered basic Casio calculators. I was fascinated with that little thing that can be powered by natural or artificial lighting and I kept playing with it to the point that I disassembled it, took the tiny solar panel out and used it to power a small car toy I had.


Fifteen years later, I am a lighting and solar PV professional and I am ANGRY.

  • I am angry that solar has not become a commodity yet.
  • I am angry at what big energy corporations are doing to delay or stop the solar revolution.
  • I am angry that people still considering only the initial cost of solar power without calculating the return on their investment.
  • I am angry at how most of the suppliers are misleading their customers and sell them overrated systems to make more money.


Out of my anger, I decided to create a website and speak my mind in it, I will share my knowledge, review products and services that I see as good or bad and I will tell you how NOT to be fooled.
Perhaps this website will contribute to encouraging more people to switch to solar, save money and save the planet for our children as well.


“The above picture is of a quote I saw in Maadi, Egypt in January 2009 where Frank Shuman built the world’s first solar thermal power station in 1913 – Photo Credit: www.sun1913.info”