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Best PWM Charge Controllers of 2017


PWM charge controllers have good benefits, which are their compact size, they suit small projects and their price is much cheaper. so you’ll have a lower initial cost. I decided to list down my the best PWM charge controllers of 2017 in this post.

I explained the differences between MPPT and PWM charge controllers and why I personally prefer using MPPT charge controllers in my projects.

The below list will keep being updated every time I find a top-notch PWM charge controller throughout the year.


Best PWM Charge Controllers of 2017:
Product Battery Voltage Current LCD Display USB Socket Price index Review Link
Best PWM Charge Controllers
12/24V 30A Yes Yes $$ Here Here
Best PWM Charge Controllers
12/24V 20A Yes Yes $ Here Here
Best PWM Charge Controllers
Renogy Advanturer
12/24V 30A Yes No $$$$$ Here Here


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