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Best Solar Powered Phone Charger in 2017


As solar applications are increasing day after day; solar powered phone charger was introduced to the market a couple of years ago but they were not as dependable and durable as they are today. There is still some room for improvement, especially for the PV panel module efficiency and current regulation, but some of the ones available in the market now are good enough.

During a recent visit to China, I found many fake chargers that will not last for few months, so be careful before you buy because the fake ones can also shorten the life span or completely damage your phone battery.



Long story short, here to the comparison below of different offerings:
Product Nekteck OUTXE Meeruz BigBlue
Picture solar powered phone charger solar powered phone charger solar powered phone charger solar powered phone charger
Power Bank Yes Yes Yes No
Capacity 12000mAH 16000mAH 8000mAH _
Portability 4/5 3/5 5/5 4/5
Panel Capacity 1.2W 1.2W 1.2W 28W
Waterproof 4/5 5/5 4/5 3/5
USB Ports 2 2 2 2
Flash Light Yes Yes Yes No
Price $$ $$ $ $$$$
Recommended for Portability






Fast Charging

Real Green

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Before you choose a solar powered phone charger, consider the following points:


1. Power Bank Inclusion

Not all solar powered phone chargers have batteries (or power banks) included; some of them are just the PV panel integrated with a charge controller and one or more USB ports.

Therefore, if you need the charger to include a battery, make sure that the item has battery integrated, included, or buy a separate power bank with it.



2. Power Bank Capacity

Choose a power Bank capacity that fulfills your needs; buying an exaggerated battery capacity will just cause you to pay more without any additional benefit to you.



3. Portability

If portability is essential to you, then I recommend buying a power bank integrated with the PV panel. Still, some solar powered phone chargers come as folded PV panels so their portability is relatively good too.



4. PV Panel Capacity

The higher the PV panel(s) wattage, the faster the charging will be but the price will go high too, so choose what matches your budget yet gets you all the benefits you need.
The disadvantage of having an integrated panel to the power bank is that the panel will be too small and it will take a long time to recharge the battery (100 hours for the big batteries).



5. Degree of Protection

Make sure that the device is at least water and dust resistant if not waterproof. Solar powered phone chargers that are not water and dust resistant will not last for long.



6. Number of USB Ports

If you will charge more than one device at once, then make sure that you have more than one USB port in the charger.


My personal recommendation on selecting a Solar Powered Phone Charger:

As an avid hiker and camping lover, I have two Xiaomi power banks, one is 10000mAH and the other is 16000mAH.and I use my BigBlue solar charger to charge them in the morning and it doesn’t take long to charge my phone or my power banks (it is about 20 times faster than using a power bank with an integrated panel).
If you want fast charging or if you already have power banks, I recommend you to get the 28W charging panel from BigBlue and start charging your smart devices and power banks right away.

Xiaomi Power Banks are here on Amazon.

BigBlue 28W portable Solar Powered Phone Charger is here on Amazon




It is not a hard decision to choose your solar powered phone charger once you set your priorities and budget right. Make sure to buy from reputable sellers who offer long warranty and have good reviews and also research well before you make your purchase decision.

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