Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems Report 2017 – Why PV Systems are More Expensive in the US

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  Today I will share my insights about the Photovoltaic Systems market; such information is updated as per the latest insights and reports I have read throughout 2017. With such rapid growth in this interesting market, this information can be outdated in 2018.   Quick takeaways about the global Photovoltaic Systems in 2017: Global PV […]

Solar powered phone charger

Best Solar Powered Phone Charger in 2017

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As solar applications are increasing day after day; solar powered phone charger was introduced to the market a couple of years ago but they were not as dependable and durable as they are today. There is still some room for improvement, especially for the PV panel module efficiency and current regulation, but some of the ones available […]

Fuse Calculator

Solar PV Systems Fuse Calculator

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The main reason for me to make a post about PV fuse calculator is the number of times I am asked by customers on whether they need to fuse their PV systems. Fusing for PV systems is usually recommended as an additional layer of protection for the electrical equipment, as all charge controllers now have […]

How Do Solar Panels Work?

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As part of my job as a solar professional, I provide guidance to both professionals and homeowners on ways to reduce energy consumption bills and to do our planet a favor by using solar energy. During my presentations to customers, I’m frequently asked: “how do solar panels work?” and “how do solar panels generate electricity?” […]