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Photovoltaic Systems Report 2017 – Why PV Systems are More Expensive in the US


Photovoltaic Systems


Today I will share my insights about the Photovoltaic Systems market; such information is updated as per the latest insights and reports I have read throughout 2017. With such rapid growth in this interesting market, this information can be outdated in 2018.


Quick takeaways about the global Photovoltaic Systems in 2017:

  • Global PV Market: 77.3 GW
  • Global PV Cumulative Installation: 320 GW (By end of 2016)
  • Global PV Power Consumption: 333 TWh
  • PV Electricity Share: 1.3%
    • PV electricity share in the US: 1.4%
    • PV electricity share in Germany: 6.9%
    • PV electricity share in the EU: 3.4%
  • Price for rooftop systems in the US is about 55.5% higher than Germany:
    • USA: 2.80 USD/W
    • Germany: 1.50 EUR/W
  • 68% of PV panels are produced in China/Taiwan
  • 60-70% of PV panels are using Poly-Crystalline cells
  • PV modules prices decreased by 24% in the last 36 years



“In conclusion, It is clear that the more electricity share PV systems have, the less the price per watt the systems become. In order to reduce the cost of PV systems, we need to install more of them”


Detailed Insights of the Photovoltaic Systems Market:

Global Annual Production and Installation:

  • Per Technology:
    • Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR): 40% (from 2010 to 2016)
    • Crystalline Silicon Share of Production: 93%
  • Per Country:
    • China and Taiwan: 68%
    • Rest of Asia: 14%
    • USA/Canada: 6%
    • Europe: 4%
    • Rest of the world: 8%

Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems


Recorded Solar Cells Efficiencies:

Photovoltaic Systems


Material Usage for Silicon Cells:

  • In 2005: 0.56 Oz/W
  • In 2017: 0.22 Oz/W


Energy Payback time of Photovoltaic Systems:

  • United States: 4 years
  • Northern Europe: 2.5 years
  • Southern Europe: 1.5 years


Inverters Data:

  • Inverters Efficiency: 98% and higher (for top brands)
  • String Inverters Market Share: 42%
  • Central Inverters Market Share: 54%
  • Micro-Inverters Market Share: 1%
  • DC/DC Converters Market Share: 3%


PV Modules Production by Technology:


Photovoltaic Systems


Photovoltaic Systems Price Development and Learning Curve:


Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems