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WINDMILL Residential Wind Turbine Review


Residential Wind Turbine

Today, I am going to recommend a residential wind turbine that will allow you to harness the wind energy in your area. Such turbine can be installed on top of your house, on a pole… etc.

WINDMILL 1500W is a 24V, 60A residential wind turbine kit; as I try to keep all my posts short and straight to the point, keep reading the article to know what exactly do you need to know.


What does the WINDMILL Residential Wind Turbine Kit include?
  • MPPT Charge controller
  • Generator (center piece)
  • Three blades and a tail
  • One manual brake switch
  • One Amp meter
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Unilateral open wrench


What the WINDMILL Residential Wind Turbine Kit include does NOT include?
Item Qty Picture Recommendation
24V VRLA or AGM Battery

(Recommended > 200AH)



Residential Wind Turbine Here
Optional: Additional battery cables (if needed) Set Residential Wind Turbine Here
Optional: Inverter (if AC Power is needed)

6000W Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave inverter to convert from 24V DC to 110V AC

The inverter comes with three battery cables

1 Residential Wind Turbine Here


How to Wire the WINDMILL Residential Wind Turbine Kit?
  • Step #1: Assembly and mounting
    • Assemble the wind turbine and mount it following the instructions.


  • Step# 2: Battery Subsystem:
    • Using the battery cables, connect the negative terminal from the first battery to the positive terminal of the second one.
    • Using two more battery cables, connect one to the positive terminal of the first battery and the second to the negative terminal of the second battery.
    • Now you have a 24V battery system

C:\Users\310080165\OneDrive - Philips Lighting\Private\e-Biz\Renewablereviews\Pictures\Battery series connection.png


  • Step# 3: Charge Controller Subsystem
    • Connect the positive terminal of the charge controller output (to the battery) to the Amp meter (if needed)
    • Connect the other terminal of the amp meter to the positive terminal of the battery.
    • Connect the free negative terminal from the battery system to the charge controller


  • Step #4: Inverter Wiring
    • Connect the inverter in parallel to the battery (if you need an inverter).


Residential Wind Turbine


System Pros:
  • Easy DIY installation and wiring.
  • Integrated automatic braking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed.
  • Solar panels can be added to the system.
  • The charge controller is MPPT with digital display.
  • Protective coating for UV and protection against gust, high wind speeds with integrated automatic braking system + manual braking switch and over charging of battery.
  • Light weight: 33 lbs only.


System Cons:
  • Warranty is only one year.
  • Battery and inverter are not included; you have to buy them separately.


ECO Worthy


WINDMILL Residential Wind Turbine FAQ:


Q: How does the 1500 Watt Wind Turbine control power and RPM in high winds?
A: Your Turbine’s operation will be halted to reduce the risk of damage due to overcharge and over spin of the rotor blades. This process of braking is handled internally through your Turbine electronics.


Q: What is the maximum wind speed the 1500 Watt Wind Turbine will survive, and do need to take it down in a storm?
A: Your Wind Turbine is designed to operate in most climatic conditions. Should you expect or experience winds of 150MPH upwards, please turn off the MPPT controller which will in turn manually apply the braking system to protect from any over spin. Once the Turbine has stopped it is possible to lay down the Tower to offer further protection.


Q: How long will be the bearings or other wearing parts last?
A: According to engineering calculations, the bearings should have a 10-year life span in 12- mph (6 m/s) average wind speed sites. Bearing life will vary from one application to another; however, you should expect at least a five-year performance in adverse conditions and 10 years in normal conditions.


WINDMILL Residential Wind Turbine Specifications:
Model 1500W Turbine
Related Speed 31.3 mph
Related Power 1500W
System voltage (with MPPT) 24V
Rotor diameter 5.58 ft
Start-up wind speed > 1 m/s
Cut-in wind speed 5.59 mph
Number of blades 3
Blade material Plastic compound with glass fiber
Suggested battery capacity > 200AH
Battery voltage range 15-35V
Over-speed CC braking < 1400 rpm


ECO Worthy


Disclaimer: The above guidelines for installation are provided in good faith to help you with installation. The author shall not be held responsible for purchase or installation actions taken or not taken. There are many details of installation that are assumed to be general knowledge to experienced installers which are not included in the post. These installation guidelines are intended to be strictly recommendations and are not to serve as a step-by-step, fail-safe installation checklist. Selection of an experienced installer is the sole responsibility of the project owner or project manager.

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